Phobias in our life prevents us from living in the way that we want to. They are obstacles which impinge on our freedom, whether we experience the phobia every day or on rare occasions. While there are some common phobias that we generally know, such as heights, dogs or closed spaces, we can develop a phobia of virtually anything, holding us back from living the full life we dream of.

Christina Luke is a certified phobia practitioner helping people from all walks of life to experience freedom from their phobias. Her desire is to help you live a life that is free from irrational fears so that you can move ahead with your life, happier and more confident.

Christina’s clinic is based in Birmingham, and her sessions are comfortable, professional and effective. She uses a safe, painless, natural technique, which does not involve you having to confront your fear. All services will remain confidential, so you can attend your session with confidence and trust.

If you are experiencing phobias in your life, don’t be trapped by fear anymore. Make an appointment with Christina, she’d love to help you move to freedom.